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Indestructible Robust Dino

Indestructible Robust Dino

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The Most Durable Plush Toy Made For Aggressive Chewers!

Provide mental stimulation for your furry friend and keep their mind busy especially when you are not around. Chewing for dogs has been scientifically proven to relieve boredom, loneliness, stress, frustration, and anxiety.
• reduce stress & anxiety

No MORE "chew-resistant" toys that don't even last for a week!

Most dog chew toys that are marketed as "chew-resistant" gets ripped apart when they are put to the test.
Unlike other chewing toys in the market, Robust Dino is made from the most durable velvet shell and is almost impossible to be torn apart. The Robust Dino will be the last chew toy you'll be buying for your furry friend. 
• made for aggressive chewers
• almost impossible to be torn apart

Improves Oral Health

Chewing is the most natural way for dogs to clean their teeth as the constant gnawing scrapes plaque off their teeth.
100% safe for pets and veterinarian supported. The inner layer is made of pet-safe plush material which is safe to chew on in the event your dog ever tears it up.

Dog's Newest Best Friend

See how satisfied customers' dogs are with their new toy! These Indestructible Robust Dino have received rave reviews for their durability and playfulness.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
Petera V.
Doggo approves

My dog has given his approval for this dino. It's the first one he pulls out of his toy box each morning. So far, it's been tough enough to stand up to my rather aggressive chewer. Looks cute too.

Sophia D.
Quality is on point

We leave this toy in the backseat of our car to keep our 3-month puppy quiet while on the road. He seemed to be pretty obsessive to it and left us alone so we can drive safely. It looks cute and feels soft 10/10

Kyle C.
Great for aggressive chewers

This dog toy is definitely worth your money. My dog takes it everywhere, to the park, to the beach everywhere. She is very focused on the dino and has fun with it. The dino has been holding up for 2 months now and my dog is a aggressive chewer

Tina C.

Great toys! My dog loves it! I notice that my dog has much less bad breath and eats better now that he only plays with the dino!

Angela C.
Favorite toy!

I got this for my 10 month golden retriever who I would describe as an extreme or aggressive chewer. He loves plush toys but within days will rip the seams open to pull out the stuffing to play with. I sew them up as many times as I can, but without fail their insides do not stay inside for very long and we’ve thrown away so many toys. I stumbled upon this dino and bought it immediately and it does the trick! My dog loves it but has yet to rip a seam. It’s been weeks! Even the feet is still intact. I’m definitely going to be buying more of these and would definitely recommend these.